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The bicycle is the most comfortable, ecological and cheapest means of transport to get around Limerick and its surroundings. Whether you are a student or a tourist, we offer a bicycle rental service to make your transport easy.

Why should I rent a bike in Limerick?

  • To avoid traffic congestion and to gain independence on the road.
  • More practical and economical than buying your own bike during your course or holiday in Limerick – just calculate your length of stay, book it and pedal!
  • It is fun and healthy. You will get to know Limerick at your own pace and it is a great way to enjoy your leisure time outdoors.
  • You can cycle through the centre of Limerick, check the map here. In addition, everything is advantageous: the city is mainly flat and the drivers are very respectful to cyclists.

What does IrlandaInglés offer you?

  • A hybrid bike rental service for adults, fully prepared for immediate use.
  • With the rental we will give you a padlock, saddle covers, mudguards and high visibility bracelets.
  • You can rent your bike comfortably for as long as you need it. We offer daily, weekly and monthly rentals, as well as vouchers adapted for your specific needs.
  • It is very simple: choose the option you prefer and start enjoying your stay in Limerick.

Discover Limerick by bike

If you are a student, a bicycle is a perfect option for your trips to the University of Limerick. In IrlandaInglés we offer you accommodation in The Cedars State, the best area of Castletroy, and only 5 minutes cycling from UL. Check availability here.

Pedal along the Shannon-Riverside Loop River circuit: a simple four-kilometer ride that will allow you to get to know and enjoy Limerick’s main touristic attractions.

If you want to do bicycle excursions, the bus company Dublin Coach, allows you to take your bike to your destination at no cost. Check their routes here.

If you prefer to travel by train, Lanród Éireann-Irish Rail allows you to take your bike on board at no extra cost. Most trains have special areas for transporting bicycles, but be sure to check availability and reserve your place.

Start enjoying Limerick on your own. Rent your bike here.

Do you want to rent a bicycle in Limerick?

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